Paperwork detailing power of attorney

Power of Attorney

Creating or Revising Power of Attorney

Power of attorney are legal documents that give someone else the right to act on your behalf. You can give someone else power of attorney for financial and property matters as well as matters of personal care such as medical care, living arrangements or diet. Having this documentation in place is very important so that someone you trust can step in to make decisions.

Why Do I Need a Power of Attorney?

If at some point you are not able to make decisions on finances, property or personal care, then your designated power of attorney will legally be able to make these decisions for you. It is possible to appoint different people to take on different roles within the spectrum of power of attorney. For example, your power of attorney for personal care may be different from your power of attorney for finances. Power of attorney documents can also spell out instructions from you on how you would like things handled and how you would like certain things done.

Updating Power of Attorney During Separation and Divorce

The family law team at Thomas and Associates are very well versed in helping clients create or revise power of attorney. If you don’t currently have the power of attorney documentation, or if you would like your documents updated because of a change in circumstance due to divorce, please contact us.

During a separation or a divorce, don’t forget to update wills and power of attorney. Your wishes may have changed regarding who you would like as your power of attorney and the documentation must be changed to reflect this.

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