Young couple providing family lawyer reviews at the conclusion of their case


I have found Thomas & Associates to be what I call the three E’s. Efficient, Effective and Extremely pleasant to deal with. They are the kind of company that dot the I’s and cross the T’s. Also every department within Thomas & Associates, lawyers, assistants, paralegals, finance/billing and reception has been both professional and delightful to deal with. I actually missed them all when my case was over.

And above all they get results. I have been very happy with the firm and I would recommend them.

Francesca T.


When in a divorce, there are several key factors that highlight the importance of a good lawyer.

First is communication. These are frustrating times and you really want to have someone that is responsive to your needs and concerns. I think the folks at Thomas & Associates are not only aware of this, they walk the talk.

Another is keeping sober thoughts, something that is often difficult in the heat of the moment. I think that Garry Thomas has the ability to settle things down so that the focus is on what matters and what is important. This is an attribute that sets him apart.

Finally, fair charges. Being in a divorce is expensive. Although I hate the costs associated, I never once felt that I was being taken advantage of. This makes it easier to swallow when costs accrue.

To sum up, the team at Thomas & Associates are professional, they understand the law and care about their clients.

Peter J.


I have been working with Sabina Beesley since April 2015 as my legal counsel for the legal documentation to move to the USA with my children, a complicated Custody Hearing and the finalization of my divorce. Throughout this time Mrs. Beesley has been professional, kind and expedient in all matters related to my case. Her logical rationale, excellent communication skills and impeccable organization made the hearing fall in my favour. I would not hesitate to recommend Mrs. Beesley for any type of Family Law case. I have no doubt that without her services during an extremely difficult time things could have gone much differently.

Cheryl M.


When I met Sabina, I was probably at one of the lowest ebbs in my life. Despite having a beautiful two year old daughter, I did not have unsupervised visits with her or guardianship. I work in a result based industry so I hold Sabina to my own simple standards. I find her to be approachable, professional and efficient. Today I enjoy time with my new family and cannot thank her enough for her efforts as well as continued support.

Brendon L.


In the spring of 2013 we needed someone to help with my daughters divorce. We hired the services of Thomas & Associates. The professionalism and service they provided was outstanding and brought the divorce to a satisfactory conclusion. I would highly recommend them for any family matters.

Bob M.


As a lawyer, I could appreciate the skill and professionalism that Garry put into his work, to ultimately achieve a successful resolution of a tricky file.  I would have no hesitancy in recommending Garry Thomas to anyone.


Prince George

As a family we have recently brought to a conclusion a contentious divorce settlement. It has been a painful heartbreaking journey in which we relied very heavily on Mr. Garry Thomas. In the early days our emotions were high and we appreciated Garry’s response to our anxieties, he answered our panicked phone calls, and calmly guided us through the murky waters – many times he calmed us down and spoke truth when we were so focused on legalese that was very foreign to us. Garry was very congenial and we enjoyed our meetings with him; he was not afraid to go to court and we did so several times. In court, he was in control and had a firm grasp of court proceedings and family law. In fact, as we look back on the process our times with Garry were high points. In the end, our settlement was most acceptable; it was better than we expected.

Tom M.


I had an excellent experience with Thomas and Associates. Mr. Thomas was direct and to the point. He took care of all my needs. I would highly recommend Thomas and Associates to anyone looking for a family lawyer.

Chad V


I retained Garry to appeal a trial decision and was very impressed by the detailed analysis that he brought to the table. When I saw his written Factum I was gobsmacked by how persuasive the argument was, and as a result, with awe and appreciation, I read and reread the argument. After reading the argument, I did not believe that the other side could marshal an effective reply. As well, Garry listened to my background and to my suggested arguments, and he provided his frank responses. The process of discussing the background and potential arguments made both the written advocacy and the oral advocacy at the Court of Appeal significantly better than it would have otherwise been. Further, Garry has put together a support team of paralegals and legal assistants that are not just very good, but a pleasure to deal with. I can whole-heartedly recommend Garry Thomas as a trial and appeal advocate for you.

Michael I.


My family and I retained Mr. Thomas to assist in an ongoing custody case and have found him to be very experienced and very informative.

We have had a very pleasant experience with all members of his firm that were involved and have found them to be very thorough & genuinely concerned in our case.

And most importantly, we reached the best possible outcome we could have hoped for due to his help.

I would recommend Thomas & Associates to all our friends & family.

Miles W.


Sabina is a professional lawyer with a human heart. She guided me through the legal process with honesty, knowledgeable advice and understanding. She is organized, focused and communicates very well verbally and in written form. She obtained various court orders so I can get joint custody of my daughter. I went from being a weekend dad to equal parenting. I am extremely happy for this outcome and it’s all due to Sabina’s hard work and devotion.

Sukhwinder G.


Family court is one of the most stressful places to be in. As a single mother who just ended a difficult relationship, it was tremendously torturous to be put on the stand and questioned. Thankfully, Sabina Beesley guided, prepared and empowered me to face all the obstacles that was thrown at me at court. Thank you Sabina!!

Anne M.


When I found Sabina Beesley and Garry Thomas, I had already seen several lawyers. I was going through a difficult and complicated divorce and found Mrs. Beesley and Mr. Thomas listened to my concerns and helped me navigate through the legal process very efficiently and informatively. I am very pleased with the results and recommend them to anyone looking for thorough and honest work.

Nadya B.


Going through a divorce is not easy. It is a roller coaster that has more downs then ups. I was fortunate to meet Sabina Beesley who helped me go through my divorce process in a timely manner. I had a wonderful experience with Sabina Beesley. She is punctual, organized, dedicated, kind, considerate and the list goes on. I have laughed and cried with Sabina during this process. She gave me proper guidance and appropriate advice that led to a more productive result. I would recommend Sabina to my family and friends for their family law matters. Thank you Sabina for all your help and support.

Jotishna S.

New Westminster

When I was referred to Sabina Beesley, my legal aid was finishing and nothing had been settled. I was going through a difficult and complicated divorce. It was a very disappointing time, and Sabina had restored my faith in lawyers and the justice system. Sabina is a very classy, efficient lawyer who knows her facts, is always prepared and well-organized. She has a heart of gold and is very empathetic to her clients. I could call her anytime and she made me feel as if I were her only client; she is very devoted, energetic and logical. After talking to her she was able to put me at ease. Sabina is a very hard worker and effective in the courtroom. I would recommend Thomas and Associates, especially Sabina, to any friends or family members going through a tough and similar situation. Without the help of Sabina Beesley I feel things could have gone much more differently, but thankfully with the help of Sabina I was awarded the best outcome possible.

Lisa A


I chose the firm and specifically Sabina based on a positive recommendation. Sabina worked efficiently and appropriately to reach a final order agreement including spousal and child support. She is knowledgeable and liaise with the other party to bring about a positive resolution. Even though it was a complex situation, she clearly explained the process and offered sound advice and suggestions in my best interest. I strongly recommend her and her legal team. You will be pleased and happy with your choice.



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