A father spending time with his daughter after a successful variation application

Variation Applications

On application, a court can be asked to make a change to a current prevailing court order and such changes can include:

  • A change to the custody or parenting time.
  • A change to child support.
  • A change to spousal support.
  • A change to special expenses.
  • A change to some other term of a court order.

The sought-after changes are dependent upon showing material facts that establish that a change is required. It is important to review the factual basis with Thomas and Associates.

We note the following possible reasons for a change below:

  • desired changes to custody or parenting arrangements. The goal will be first to show the material change and second to establish what in the child’s best interests in light of the change.
  • desired changes to child support and/or special expenses. A variation application may be needed when income of one of the parties’ changes and no agreement can be reached regarding support and special expenses.
  • where a child reaches age 19. The presumptive basic child support might need to change and you can use a variation application.
  • where one of the children become independent of the parents and no longer in need of child support.
  • changes to spousal support when there are significant changes in income or employment (including pending retirement) for the payor or recipient.
  • when a significant amount of time has passed and the spousal support obligation should be reviewed for both entitlement and the amount.

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