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Appeal courts are set up to remedy errors made by a judge. Appeal courts do not merely impose their own views as to what the appeal court would have done, but rather, a successful appeal is contingent upon showing that the judge made errors in understanding the facts, or in applying the law to the facts.

An appeal from a Provincial Court Judge is to a Judge of the Supreme Court of B.C.

An appeal from a Master of the Supreme Court lies to a Supreme Court Judge.

An appeal from a Supreme Court judge lies to the B.C. Court of Appeal.

Some interim orders are not capable of being appealed despite the fact that such orders can have a significant impact on a file. However, some other interim orders are appealable. Sometimes the issue is what substantive Act was in play at the initial hearing; other times, an interim is ordered because its nature is appealable. However, many interim orders are not appealable. Virtually, all trial decisions are appealable. However, the earlier such matters can be analyzed, the better the chances for the success of the appeal. So if you are contemplating an appeal, call Thomas and Associates: Trial and Appeal Lawyers as soon as possible so we can begin our analysis.

The law that pertains to an appeal is procedurally and substantively complex. It is best to seek advice quickly on whether a matter is appealable, and if so, on what basis.

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Appeals are time sensitive. Further once an Appeal is filed, various time frames must be complied with so as to perfect an appeal. Failure to meet such time frames may mean that the appeal is dismissed.

The team at Thomas and Associates can help you decide whether to proceed with an appeal by weighing the pros and cons. We can interpret the facts of your case to determine whether a judge has made an error.

Our lawyers have vast experience dealing with the procedures and laws that apply to appeals. We have made successful appeals in areas of child custody, maintenance orders, pension and division of property.

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