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Civil Litigation

Thomas and Associates offers services in areas of non family law civil litigation. These services involve resolving complications in various trust arguments, including resulting trust, constructive trust, express trust and cases involving unjust enrichment.

Resulting Trust

Sometimes, to defeat your claim for a share of property, an individual will transfer all or part of a property (which might be a piece of land or other asset such as investments) to a third party such as a parent or friend or alleged creditor and not receive payment for the interest. This individual’s goal is to change the legal title holder to prevent the right property owner from obtaining their interest in such a property. We have extensive experience in dealing with such matters at Thomas and Associates: Trial and Appeal Lawyers.

Constructive Trust

When you have done work on a property where the property is owned by someone else and they fail to pay you for your services or provide you with an interest in the property, you may have a claim for constructive trust. When your efforts such as above have not been recognized, we at Thomas and Associates can help you with such claims.

Express Trust

You may have come to an agreement that deals with what you are to receive with respect to a property but the other party has failed to meet his obligations. We at Thomas and Associates can help you out.

Estate Transfers

As our population ages, there are more and more estate-planned transfers including adult children being placed on title to their mother and father’s real property and/or bank accounts to avoid estate taxes. These transfers can get caught up in family law disputes as Excluded Assets subject to a possible division in a family law file. At Thomas and Associates, we have extensive experience with such issues and can advise how best to proceed.

Other Civil Litigation Cases

We can help in other types of civil litigation cases such as those involving fraudulent conveyances. Fraudulent conveyances occur when other party simply transfers a property to a third party to defeat your claim for an interest in property. At Thomas and Associates we have extensive experience with such issues and can advise how best to proceed.

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