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Family Law

Family law covers family matters and domestic relations, including marriage, civil unions, and arrangements involving children. When things go wrong in these areas, lawyers are often required.

Going through a divorce or separation is usually a very difficult time. Trying to communicate with your spouse and negotiate the terms of the childcare arrangements and division of assets without fully understanding your legal rights can be very confusing.

Thomas and Associates: Trial and Appeal Lawyers are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the most advantageous end result based on personal circumstances. We are familiar with all aspects of family law and can patiently explain and help you to understand your legal rights and responsibilities in many areas of family law, including:

  • Divorce and Separation Agreements;
  • Marriage and Cohabitation Agreements;
  • Child custody and guardianship, including protection orders and relocation disputes;
  • Child support and spousal support, including determination of income, obtaining retroactive support, reducing support arrears and varying support orders;
  • Property and debt division, including restraining orders to protect the dissipation of family property, and the valuation of businesses, pensions, securities and other financial assets;
  • Litigation, Trial and trial preparation, including judicial case conferences, trial management conferences, settlement conferences and Chambers Applications for interim orders;
  • Appeals to and within the Supreme Court of British Columbia and appeals to the Court of Appeal of British Columbia;
  • Adoptions.

We will work with you towards an agreement that is in the best interest of your children and is the most amenable, flexible and best possible solution for all parties.

Trials vs. Mediation in Family Law

Often, with our help, clients come to agreements without the costly and time-consuming effort of going to trial. When negotiation and mediation do not work, you can count on our years experience with successful court settlements to help achieve your goals.

Sometimes a trial is required because the issues are not resolvable. Other times, the other party is not producing necessary documents critical to the case, which requires court applications. Other times, parties do not abide by court orders and do not engage in reasonable settlement discussions. These situations require an experienced trial lawyer to advance the case.

Contact us for any family law issues you may have. We will ensure that you have the information that you need to decide on how it is best for you to precede.

To get started, please contact our office at 604 549-9961 or toll-free at 1-855-311-9961, or submit our contact form. We understand that trusting your personal situation to a legal team usually requires you meet with us first. To facilitate this, as a new client, your first hour’s consultation with a Thomas and Associates lawyer is offered at $135.00.

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